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Now Hiring Game Masters

If you are trying to solve the puzzle of how to make money while having a blast, here’s a hint… Fargo Escape Room is now hiring Game Masters!

Let’s clue you in on why you’d love this job:
• You love escape rooms, puzzles and games in general
• You are a social person who enjoys meeting new people
• You take pride in your ability to chat with any personality
• You are energetic and can fire up groups of people
• You have a great sense of humor and a bit of a theatrical side
• You love to learn new things and have a borderline obsessive attention to detail
• You are a quick thinker and can adapt easily in a fast-paced environment
Shifts include evenings and weekends with the possible availability of additional hours during weekdays.

Like what you’ve read? Well, we can’t hire you if you don’t apply, so here’s a final hint… fill out the form below to get started!

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