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Honestly, this is one of my favorite escape rooms in town. Rooms look deceptively simple and will absolutely present a challenge. Game master was very friendly and encouraging. Will be coming back for sure.
The props and materials were high quality. The puzzles were engaging and challenging. It is best played when using the strengths and ideas of the whole group. My head buzzed with replays all week!
Our group had a blast! The puzzle was challenging but not impossible. We had a diverse group and everyone was able to participate and make an impact. I would highly recommend!
An absolute blast. We may not have finished our room, but it was a good challenge. Will definitely try another one again.
My team lost against the timer, but at the end the guy took the time and went through the clues with us so we still sort of were able to solve it without him just telling us the answers. I thoughtbit was a fun experience as first escape room.
Great staff! Fun and challenging room! Definitely recommend!
Alex was a great host! So much fun and will be returning!
First time for me and my family to ever do this, we will definitely be doing it again. 60 minutes, 5 hints, 85% success!!
Super cool puzzles. Friendly staff. Reasonable price. Would happily come back (we did two different rooms). Thanks!
The gamemaster was very upbeat without being off putting. The puzzles were clever and required many different kinds of thinking. Many parts could be worked on in parallel, making it great for groups to divide and conquer. It was a great experience.
The game master running it was so helpful and made the experience a great one!
Great fun! Challenging puzzles. Exciting tricks and twists. Well structured. The game master was so friendly and fun. Highly recommend for a fun evening!
This was my first escape room experience and it did not disappoint! Highly recommend this experience!
Omg such fun , best hours worth of entertainment I have had in a long time .
Room was solved in 30 minutes due to numerous puzzles not being set up correctly. The employee entered the room to explain the malfunctioning puzzles numerous times and didn't let us finish solving the ones we were still working on. Not worth the price.Edit: The owner followed up with us and was very apologetic and willing to offer us a refund and a tickets to go through another room. The owner was very professional and kind with the follow up.
Room was not set up right and was solved in 30 minutes because multiple clues were sitting out and unlocked. We were called by the owner within 12 hours and were refunded and offered a run through. It was handled very professionally by the owner and it sounds like it is usually a great experience.
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