Looking for an escape from the ordinary date night? Need the key to a unique corporate event? Want to free yourself from the same old bachelor or bachelorette party? The Fargo Escape Room is designed to challenge your brain and charge your senses. Let your inner sleuth out while you get locked in. Book your escape now, or call us at 701-532-1138.

All of our escape rooms are difficult and require many points of view. The minimum number of players needed to attempt a room is four. You must pay for at least four people to reserve a room.


Birthday Booty

Success Rate:  50.00%

Your friend has set up a pirate mystery party for you. Blackbeard has hidden treasures around the rooms, and you must follow the clues to find his ultimate treasure before the party ends. Are you up for the challenge?



Success Rate:  22.86%

You are being blackmailed. In order to keep your transgressions secret, you have been paying the blackmailer regularly. But, now, you are at your wit’s end. You can afford to keep paying hush money to this evil-doer.

You have been invited up to the blackmailer’s cabin in the woods for his ‘birthday party’ where you are to present him with his latest payment as a ‘present’. You decide you have to take a stand against him.

Shortly after the ‘birthday party’ starts, the blackmailer is found dead. Police have been called and you only have an hour to find the evidence against you and get out of the cabin or you might be arrested for his murder.



Success Rate:  45.16%

The old mansion on the hill has been haunted as long as anyone can remember. Everyone called it Grimm End because it is where the person who had the house built, Alphonse Grimm, met his fate long ago.

Its current owners want to move in but are afraid to with all of the ghostly sightings and eerie sounds that abound inside its walls. They have ask you to go up to the mansion, figure out how to deal with the malevolent spirits, and dispel them once and for all.

It is an hour before midnight, the hour they are at their most powerful. You must dispel them before then or risk becoming one of them forever.



Success Rate:  32.12%

You work as a designer for a large toy manufacturer, Snuggirth’s Factory of Fun. Your rival, Wendy Wonky’s Toy Factory, has won the Best New Toy of the Year for the last 5 years with their innovative toy designs.

Your boss, Arnie Snuggirth, orders you to infiltrate Wendy Wonky’s factory, find the design they are planning to enter this year, and steal it so that Snuggirth’s can take credit for it instead. After hours, the guards patrol every hour.

So you have one hour to sneak into the factory and find that toy. Otherwise, the guards will catch you and you’ll not only end up in jail, Snuggirth is likely to fire you too.

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